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What is Hynt?

Hynt is more than an app— it's a wireless device that pairs with an app and the cloud. An interplay of hardware and software that reinvents reminders by bringing enhanced location smarts to your smartphone. It starts with the Hynt Token. Drop one anywhere a reminder would be helpful. Later, as you approach that spot, the Hynt app brings important reminders to your attention. We call these Better Reminders—  they're super precise, and super actionable.

What do you mean by Better Reminders

Better Reminders are actionable alerts that you can't miss, and that appear at the right moment. They are proactive, predictive, and get your attention even if your phone is on silent (though that last part is up to you). Better Reminders can be tasks you set, or they can be proactive — this means that they connect to the cloud and actively pull down weather, traffic, transit, and even your calendar appointments, showing you the right things at the right time and place... without you even asking. Never forget your umbrella.

How does Hynt work?

Hynt uses Bluetooth LE signals to give your phone precision micro-locational intelligence. 

What is Micro-location?

Hynt can sense your presence at a distance of just 1 foot, indoors or out. That's micro-location.

Is the Hynt Token water-proof? Can I use it outside?

Hynt Tokens are IP67 water-resistant. That's the same certification as the iPhone 7. IP67 means that the device is fully protected from dust and being submerged in up to 1M (about 3.3 FT) of static water for up to 30 mins. More than sufficient for outdoor use! 

Do I need to be near a Hynt Token to set a reminder?

Nope! It's all done through the Hynt app, which seamlessly syncs with the cloud. Set a reminder completely remotely for yourself or a loved one, and it'll reappear just when you need it.

Why not build just an app?

We tried every reminders app out there, but still found ourselves missing important alerts. We found out that stand-alone reminders apps can only do so much because they lack a precise enough understanding of your physical world. We wanted to build a reminders experience that’s way smarter and way more useful. The key to more useful, more relevant reminders is precision. With a more precise idea of your phone’s location, Hynt shows you just what you need.

What is Hynt Plus?

Hynt Plus is a premium subscription service that helps you get the most out of Hynt— it adds the SMS assistant, and enables the iMessage reminders app, Alexa Skill, and Hynt Commands. It costs $3.99 a month, and there are no limitations on the number of users per household.

What are Hynt Commands?

Hynt Commands connect apps and services to Hynt's micro-location smarts. Namely, IFTTT and Wunderlist.

Can I use the Hynt app without Tokens?

We designed Hynt to be an incredible reminders experience that goes beyond the capabilities of an app. The Hynt app is free, but the magic of micro-location only works with the Hynt Tokens.

How is Hynt different from regular reminders?

Standard reminders rely on GPS geo-fences, which are only accurate within about 100 feet, and don’t work indoors. They don't have enough context to remind you of things around the house. Hynt’s location-sensing abilities are far more precise, and are accurate to distances of less than a foot, even indoors.

How does Hynt handle security?

The founding team at MoonRoof Labs takes data security and privacy very seriously. Hynt was designed from the ground up to ensure that user data is kept safe— encrypted account information is stored on a secure cloud environment, and the signals Hynt transmits actually contain no user data— only a key that identifies that location. The handshake between Hynt devices and user accounts is encrypted. (That’s how you do it when one of your Founders has a background in Data Forensics!)

General / Product

Where and how can I buy Hynt?

Hynt is available to pre-order in April at the incredible early discounted price of $39— that's more than 25% off the retail price of $49.99 . We’re taking orders right on our site, and will accept all major credit cards.

When will Hynt ship?

Hynt is scheduled to ship in August. That includes the Tokens and the app.



What is the pre-order cancellation policy?

Everyone has a right to change their mind! Hynt pre-orders can be cancelled at anytime within the first 30 days for a full refund. After 30 days, we will confirm the order in our system. From that point, the return policy takes affect. 

What is the return policy?

Our policy guarantees easy returns within 30 days of the delivery date. You are only responsible for shipping. All Tokens returned to us have to be in re-sellable condition. That just means they have to be in working order. It's okay if you opened the box :)


How much does shipping cost? 

We are very pleased to offer free standard shipping to all customers in the United States. For all other locations, standard shipping rates apply and are calculated at checkout.

Does Hynt ship internationally?

We're starting with The US, Canada, Mexico, The UK, and Germany. Other countries will be coming online later in the year.

Privacy Policy

We believe understanding your privacy  should be easy.

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  • We will send you occasional newsletters that includes an opt-out link.

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You can always contact if you wish for your data to be 100% deleted.

We reserve the right to update, change or replace any part of this privacy policy.

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