SeeNote is now Hynt, a smart device & app launching in April




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Hynt stashes messages where you need them and can alert you right on the spot.

It's more than an app

Hynt is an interplay of hardware and software that reinvents reminders

Hynt integrates with Alexa, IFTTT, and Wunderlist. With the open API, developers can add new features powered by Hynt's location smarts

How's Hynt work?

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Hynt works by giving your phone a better understanding of its surroundings

Hynt’s reminders are more precise and super actionable, alerting you just when and where you need them

Hynt Launches In April

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Our Story

We thought it was just us. Then, we found out that 83% of our community have missed an important reminder set on their phone. What's happening here? 

It turns out regular reminders lack the precise location & contextual awareness needed to be helpful when life goes off-script. And, it does that. A lot. We need Better Reminders™.

We believe technology should effortlessly help you seize the moment. With Hynt, we hope to change the way people see the things that matter everyday, with messages that appear just when they're needed.

We're designing Hynt to help you put reminders in their place. More to come in April. Thanks for coming by.

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