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Better Reminders have a precise time and place. With Hynt, see what you need, right where it's helpful.

Hynt connects to your device calendar, local weather, traffic & transit data (Google & Apple Maps) to proactively alert you at just the right moment. Know before you go.

Hynt Proactive Reminders

The Hynt app for iOS & Android organizes your tasks by location — finally, a place for everything.

The Hynt App
The Hynt App

The Hynt app

Put tasks

in their place

With Bluetooth Smart™ 4.0,  the connection to Hynt Tokens is low-power consumption, minimizing phone battery drain.

Hynt Tokens are IP67 water-resistant. That's the same certification as the iPhone 7. It means that the device is fully protected from rain, and humidity. Perfect for outdoor use! 

Hynt Token
Hynt uses Bluetooth LE

The Hynt Token

Hynt Battery Replacement Program


Drop One Anywhere

The Token brings enhanced location smarts to your smartphone. Drop one anywhere you want to see reminders. At home, the office, the car— it's up to you.

Each Token has a magnetic back & peel-and-stick 3M tape. Stash it anywhere— seen or unseen. Hynt reminders grab your attention, even if your token is out of sight.

Energy Efficient

Never Charge It

Hynt is Water-resistant

Each Token has a high-capacity battery optimized to last up to 2 years. Upgrade your Token after that through our Token Trade-in discount program.

Powering it all:

Tokens Mark the Spot

for Your Reminders

Hynt shows you priority alerts
A Home Full of Hynts
Color code your world with Hynt

Regular reminders can be missed. Hynt uses special-ringtone alerts to cut through the noise. Even if your phone is on silent.

More precise and less battery-draining than GPS, Hynt is accurate to less than a foot, even indoors.

Gets Your Attention

Place a Hynt Token anywhere a reminder or alert would be helpful. Each one sends out a Bluetooth signal that acts as a digital marker for any physical location.

Hynt is designed with households and families in mind. It's easy to set up users so that everyone gets just what they need— remind the kids, your partner, anyone!

Family Friendly


Each Token 3-pack comes with a set of swappable rings in these 6

Precision Micro-Location

Color Coded

Illustration by

James Provost

Easily Remind 

Friends & Family

The Hynt iMessage App

With Hynt iMessage app, send a “don’t forget” text that becomes a reminder that appears later, at the exact moment that it’s needed.

Hynt for iMessage

The Hynt Text Assistant
Text The Hynt Assistant

Set Reminders with a Quick Text

The SMS Assistant

Ask Hynt to set a reminder over text without ever opening the Hynt app. It’s like having an amazing personal assitant.

Just ask Alexa

"Alexa, ask Hynt to remind me at the front door to bring my lunch”

The Hynt Alexa Skill

Hynt's Location Reminders Work with Alexa

We love Alexa. With Hynt, she's even smarter. Now, you can tell Echo, “Alexa, ask Hynt to remind me at the front door to bring my lunch” and it’s done.

The Hynt Alexa Skill
Hynt Plus

Early Pre-Order Package


Hynt app icon

3 Hynt Tokens

Hynt Token Pre-Order 3-Pack

3 Bluetooth LE Hynt Tokens and 6 swappable color rings

Better Reminders

Get and set actionable reminders for you and your family on the free Hynt app for iOS & Android

Free Shipping in the US

Hynt Plus Free for 30 Days


Maximize every moment. Hynt Plus adds the Hynt SMS Assistant, the Alexa Skill, iMessage reminders, and Hynt Commands for IFTTT & Wunderlist

Be one of the first to experience the power of Better Reminders

At $3.99 a month, a Hynt Plus subscription sports these incredible features. Get 2 months free when you choose annual billing. 

Just Ask Alexa

Logo for Hynt Plus

Hynt Commands

Remind Others In Chat

With Hynt for iMessage*, a “don’t forget” text becomes a location-aware Hynt that appears at the exact moment it’s needed. (*iOS only)

Ask Hynt to set a reminder over SMS text without ever opening the app. It’s like having an amazing personal assistant.

The Hynt iMessage App

With the Hynt Alexa skill, you can ask “Alexa, ask Hynt to remind me at the front door to bring my lunch” — and it’s done.

The Hynt Alexa Skill

Command your favorite apps and services using Hynt's location smarts. With integrations like IFTTT and Wunderlist, imagine the possibilities.

The Hynt Text Assistant

Get Even More Out of Hynt

Text The Assistant


  • Use Hynt locations to trigger task reminders
  • Sync your Hynt reminders
Hynt Commands
Hynt Works with IFTTT


The Commands Feature of the Hynt App for Android

Calling all Doers, Developers, Crafters, and Connected Home Pioneers. Hynt Commands connect the apps & services you love with the power of Hynt’s location smarts. Imagine the possibilities.

Hynt Plus Includes

Hynt Works with Wunderlist


The Commands Feature of the Hynt App for Android
  • Trigger applets based on your proximity to a Token
  • Automate Smart Home controls based on your location

Alexa & IFTTT


The Free

Hynt app

with Tokens

Hynt Plus

Adds These


Regular Reminders apps

Time/Date Reminders

Set & Share Precise, Location-Based Reminders

iMessage App For Reminders

SMS Assistant Sets Reminders For You



Proactive Reminders That Connect to Calendar, Weather, Traffic & Transit

Brian O.

Hynt Customer

This is just the thing to share reminders around the house!"

With IFTTT, the connected home possibilities are endless."

Perfect by the front door to keep my son prepared for the day."

Joey F.

Hynt Customer

Lisa A. 

Hynt Customer

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